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An upcoming indie game about magic, cute creatures and adventure!

Follow the charming story of a village struck by dark magic. The villagers have all turned into animals, and the Professor needs your help to revert them back into their human forms!

Hello! I’m Éloïse Laroche, an artist and programmer currently working solo on the development of Alchemy Story. I love creating cute and silly games and hope to share them with you!

The music featured in the game was composed by Matthew Harnage!
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The demo is available now!

To play the newest version of the game, support me on Patreon!

Play as Arabella, an apprentice alchemist working for the Professor!
Here are some of the features available in the demo.
  • Grow your garden by befriending a cute groundhog!
  • Brew potions to gain unique abilities.
  • Care for friendly chickens and cows!
  • Collect fruits, wild flowers and butterflies.
  • Ship potions with an owl to gain gold and expand your farm!

I’ve started working on Alchemy Story in early September 2018. I plan to work on it for at least a year, which means that I’m still very early in development. Here’s a short list of features I plan to add to the game.
  • Explore a village struck by dark magic, where all the villagers have turned to animals!
  • Help the Professor revert the villagers into their human form by catching their memories and discovering mementos.
  • Mine ores and gems with the help of a grumpy mountain goat!
  • Fish along rivers and beaches with a hungry kitty!
  • Collect 40+ ingredients and brew 20+ potions with unique effects.
  • Customize your character with accessories and witchy outfits!

Updated 18 hours ago
Published 10 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreSimulation, Adventure, Role Playing
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Casual, Cute, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I think this is the most graphics-ly pleasing game I've played in a while! I am in LOVE with the animals - they are SO FREAKING ADORABLE! It's very cute and I love the outfit (potentially making/buy new outfits would be a major bonus!)!! I noticed that I was unable to use the Fertilizer and Triple Brew potions, though, and the dash potion didn't work when consumed. I finished buying all the cows/chickens within an hour of game play. It's a great demo and I can't wait to see how the game progresses even further!

Aw thank you so much! I'm definitely planning on adding different haircuts and outfits later in development :D 

The potions need to be used a certain way to work, and I think that might have been the issue? To use the Fertilizer Potion you need to stand over a garden bed where sprouts are growing, and to use the Triple Brew you need to stand over something you can forage (like Chamomile or Lavender). The Dash Potion should always work, it might just be hard to notice the speed increase. I'll probably add an on-screen effect to make it more clear that the potion is working.

Thank you for playing the demo, I'm glad you had fun! ^^


Very cute game! Very relaxing! Looking forward to seeing how this game is progresses and grows! Awesome work! 

Hi! This game is so charming,  I actually got an itchio account just so I can play it (first download ever). I'm playing on window and it works just fine, except one tiny problem where sometimes I wouldn't be able to brew/ship potion despite having items in my inventory. This happens to random potion (tho Triple Brew seems to be the one that this happens to most frequently), and it go away as soon as I go to bed and start a new day.

I also once got froze on trying to feed the animals. The feeding menu disappear and I can't use any command and had to exit the game using task manager.

Keep up the good work! I'm really loving this game :)

I'm not sure why, I can only runt he game from the itch folder rather than the launch button.

It also runs my Steam VR for some reason, and if I close that, it closes the game out too. What's going on?

I wanted to play this game but it doesn't work for Mac OS 10.9.5...

That was so awesome to be made by one person! I really get adicted until there was no more to do in the game, but I enjoyed so much. I can't be  a patreon but I'll be looking forward to the finished game and I'll pay WHATHEVER IT TAKES  for it. The music suddenly(or when it finished) stops for a time,  and stops a little the enviroment. That¡s the only "bug" I saw. I'm so in love with the characters and animals ,and everything! lot's of cheers

I just played this on Mac! The mac build is working well. If you ever need someone to test an update for Mac let me know and I got you :). I really love the music, graphics, and gameplay. The only thing is the dialogue is kinda slow paced for me. Maybe you can make it so you can skip to the next line by clicking? Other than that, I'll keep playing and let you know what I think! 

Thank you for the comment, I was wondering if the Mac build was ok! I will add the option to control the text speed in the next update :)

So from what I can tell the game looks and feels really good, and the idea behind it is a good one. But I don't know if I was just doing it wrong, but I could not make potions once I got the ingredients, as well as there seems to be a weight painting issue if you stand still too long and then move, the models clothes and hair start to float around its body as if they were phasing through it. These issues could just be my pc since no one else has brought them up but I thought I would mention them.

Hey thank you for letting me know about those issues! I tried reproducing the potion bug, but it seems to be working fine. Do you have the right quantity of all the ingredients in the recipe? The visual bug with the clothing/hair floating around is probably a lag issue, I will look into it. Thanks! ^^

Yea i had more then enough and i even tried going to the next day with out selling any potions on the first day just to see if it would fix it, got one of the same potions and it still wouldn't let me make the potion even though I had all three ingredients, it was the fertilizer potion. And it is highly possible that the clothing thing was a lag issue as the game ran at about 10 fps on my rig, just seemed like a weight painting issue to me, with the way they were kind of floating through the body, could be the same issue with the potions, it may just not be activating the button because of lag.

Hey! So this already looks like a really nice game, however I am unable to play it as Unreal Engine is supposedly missing the D3D file and causing the game to crash before the menu even comes up.

Hi, I'm really sorry about that! From what I've found it seems to be a problem with Unreal Engine, so I'm not sure if I can fix it. I will look into it and see if I can reproduce the crash and prevent it. If you haven't tried already, maybe restart your computer and download the file again, it seems to fix the issue for some people.

Alright I'll try that, but before I do, do you want the error code number? It might help but I'm not 100% sure.

Sure! It could help figure out what's wrong more precisely

Okay so the code it gives me is Fatal Error code '0x887A0006'. Hopefully the restart will clear things up for me. 

For a game in development for only two or so months, it looks so cute and soft! The animal character designs look great and I can already see some personality to them in the screenshots so I can't wait to see what else you produce. I got a lot of respect for solo devs, yall do so much to make these games.


Excited to see your style again! Such a charming style, I especially love the animal designs. The round shapes and soft hues are lovely on the eye. I can't wait to see how the game progresses! -^^-


Looks great so far, might need a bit of balancing with the more expensive potions lateron, depending on what else you would be able to buy in the actual game :D
I found a few bugs you might want to look into for the demo (sadly not the butterfly kind^^")

The BGM does not loop, it will only restart the next day.

Big trees have no colission

Doors are not quite sure what to do, if you change your mind halfway through and turn around. (They might try to open the other way and phase through the player)

The menus that are built like the one to feed Ellie/the animals can bug out, if you unhover the item tab, and rehover, before it finishes sliding down. It will flicker between expanded and retracted state.

The "crop is growing" messages should maybe appear after the "game saved" when waking up, else only one will appear and vanish too quick to read. Or you generalize it :D

Double digit numbers end up a bit too far right in the Brewing ingredient UI, overlapping with "/".

There is a flicker in the blinking animations, most noticeable for chicken and the owl, but present for all.

The confirmation sound for planting a seed (feeding Ellie) only plays once if the tab stays hovered over and you plant multiple in a row.

Good luck with fixing and further development :D


Thank you for the detailed feedback! I definitely have a few things to fix in the game, I hope you still enjoyed playing  :)

I'll do my best to fix these for the next version!

Yeah, it was fun :D

Maybe a bit confusing that only one "day" a week is "night", but that might just be a world building thing that will be more clear lateron^^(or because day/night cycle/time was not implemented yet :D)


I literally love you. this game is wonderful. I'm not a professional but if you need or want an ammature voice actor to work for free for you, hit me up. I can't wait to see what new developments you'll have on this game :) I'd really like it if there were a jump function though. Anyways I hope you have a wonderful day!


You are so sweet, you just made my day a thousand times better <3 Thank you for the offer, I do hope to add voice acting once I have a few more characters in the game! I will also probably add a jump button ^^ Have a great day!

will there ever bee a mac version?


Yes, I will look into it this week and add a Mac version soon!